How it works

The Fastest and Most reliable Decentralized Marketplace to Buy and sell STEEM and SBD from anywhere in your local currency!


Signin to Steemfuse using your Steemit username and active key.

Place a Buy or Sell Request

Check other sell/buy requests or place your own

Make payment or Get paid

Confirm the payment and withdraw your currency

Referral Bonus

steemfuse gives 50% bonus on every referral that you make...what does this mean?... simply that you get 50% of the transaction fees of the person you bring to the how awesome and value adding to the community is that

No need to remember another set of login details

SteemConnect gives you full access to the Steem ecosystem without giving up your private keys. That’s right, never risk a malicious or incompetent 3rd party app getting your private keys again. SteemConnect acts as the identity layer in between that enables participation without vulnerability.

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